Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Day 8: Yosemite Part 2

Driving back round for another loop, with some late lunch on our minds, Mel popped into the General Store to get some souvenirs whilst I consulted the maps further.

We then went on to the Anwahnee hotel for lunch, which is the hotel I'd recommend you stay at if you intend to spend a lot of time in the Valley area, as it's very plush even if wine comes at $10 for a small glass of house white.
Pulled pork and Pastrami sandwich's ordered respectively we were joined by our lunch guest.

The whole situation reminded me of the Fawlty Towers episode "Basil the Rat" with the squirrel running around, jumping on chairs and tables whilst the servers snap "Don't feed them! Watch out, they will bite and I'll need to get security..."

One last lap of the park then, but the sun was falling behind the mountains and most photography opportunities had been had or were now lost, so we headed out with happy hearts, aching legs and an insect bite or twelve.

Back at the lodge Mel re-teaches me how to play dominoes which I haven't played since a young child. One great thing about staying here for two nights is the lack of TV, Phone and Internet. It really does feel good to just enjoy each others company, and I vow to make us do it more often. Date night on steroids :-)

Bedroom for sunset.

Heading back to the lodge for dinner, we were told it was a 30 minute wait and given one of those pagers that flashes and vibrates which I quickly stuffed in my front pocket :-)

We both got a Mojito and sat outside in the twilight waiting for the buzz, and a resulting grin from me, when our table was ready - and it wasn't long. 

But then disaster struck! They were out of the marinated flat iron steak Mel had last night. At 8pm on a Saturday night I thought this was a bit rubbish, but chef agreed to do a rib eye in a similar balsamic glaze. Mel had the same, and whilst she polished off most of it my heart wasn't in it and it was a bit fatty so a lot got left.

The follow up blackberry margarita was divine though, and Mel had *gasp* another Mojito. That plus the Bud Light she had in the "cottage" is probably the most alcohol she has drunk in one evening :-)

Which probably explains why she was keen to get into the hammock that was outside our "Cottage" when we got back, and much hilarity ensued whilst we both tried to get on.

After some cuddles and star gazing again, we did manage a graceful dismount after a few minutes debating strategy, and we headed inside.

Starring at the map in disbelief that I made the mistake of thinking the giant sequoias were in Yosemite Valley, I suddenly realised that as route 41 south was open, we could go that way to Bakersfield instead if we got up a little earlier.


Bed then, after a quick shuffle of things into cases and chargers-a-charging.

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