Sunday, 19 May 2013

Day 11: The Luxor, Las Vegas

Hotel: The Luxor - Spa Suite, floor 18

As I got up I moved all the furniture round so I had a good view out of the window whilst I had my healthy breakfast of Cinnamon Brown Sugar belVita breakfast biscuits, which I eat in the UK but of course we don't have this yummy flavour.

Washed down with Cherry Lime Vodka, again not in the UK, and some coleslaw, it really is the cornerstone of a nutritious healthy diet. At least my cough is better this morning so something is helping.

Today's budget sorted (one really should set budgets in Vegas, as it is the city of psychological money extraction) we head off onto the strip.

We drove up to the Pawn Stars shop but the queue was silly big, so we headed to Walmart for water and a new case for Mel (if you remember I zapped the lock/zip on the other one after leaving the keys in LA.)

Then really little else was done but gambling, eating and drinking.

There are a few interesting new machines. One is called Rich Life and is a combination of a slot machine and a board game. If you get three Rich Life symbols on the reels, you roll the dice on a huge 65" led screen and advance along the track. This leads to either a cash bonus game, nothing, or a do or die square where the wrong choice heads you back to the start. I got very close with a $20 investment, but when I got thrown out I walked away with $13 but spent a lot of time playing so it was fun.

Next we tried one called "Clue" which you link to your mLife (loyalty card) account and it stores your game progress. Mel did better at this one, I got fed up and cashed out quickly. Heading down towards the food court, we saw a Pawn Stars machine, it seems those guys are getting everywhere.

We tried "Rice and Noodles" in the Luxor, with lettuce wraps and pot stickers for starters and fried pepper pork for main. I also tried the signature cocktail, a strawberry martini called The Dragon.

Finally we threw a few more dollars into the MGMMirage groups coffers and headed to bed.

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