Sunday, 5 May 2013

DAY 1: LAX (LA International Airport) -> Santa Barbara

DAY 1: LAX (LA International Airport) -> Santa Barbara - 103 Miles (1 Hour 57 Minutes)

Hotel: Sandman Inn - £79

We managed to score the bulkhead seats on the plane, and I even managed to sleep some of so all in all a painless flight. LAX was a nightmare at passport control however and it was well over an hour to get through.

Dollar was as bad. There computer system had gone down so they were relying on a manual process and it took over an hour again, and I nearly fell asleep. We loaded the cases in Mels chosen colour car - a rather nice deep shade of red. However, when we turned the ignition on the darn thing it needed an oil change, so we loaded everything into another.

Except the case keys. Doh.

The drive to Santa Barbara took a little longer than Google thought, but we did take in lots of the scenery like Malibu and the charred remains of many bushes and trees from the recent bush fires.

A quick stop at Whole Foods and Jack in the Box for snacks and we were practically asleep.

Once I busted the lock off Mels case of course.

Next stop Pismo Beach.

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