Sunday, 12 May 2013

Day 5: San Francisco

The night was a difficult one due to the EXTREMELY loud air condition, which we eventually had to turn off and rely on the ceiling fans and less bedding. It almost certainly got its revenge on me by giving me a nasty cough.

A Mountain Dew promotion truck met us as soon as we left the hotel today, giving away sample cups of new Dew in Citrus and Fruit Punch flavours made with fruit juice. Nom nom. We later found some cans but as yet not bottles to bring back to the UK.

Tram time, so a quick trip down to Market Street and a debate on which side of the street we should be. The tram driver was extremely friendly and made conversation with everyone and went over and above simple announcements of stops and said what you could see from them, and tips on alternatives.

Our first stop was the farmers market at the old ferry building at the bottom of market street, and we soon found ourselves breakfast in hand on the pier at the back. This really is a treat of a market if you like your gourmet food and drinks. Artisan breads, cheeses, meats and wines are available as well as fusions of multiple sellers, such as the sweet baked roll i bought from a bakery made with cream cheese from another seller, and fruit chutney from another. Mel got pulled pork and roasties and both our choices were delicious.

On our way out the back we saw "The Slanted Door" which is eastern restaurant recommended by Lol Scragg to us, which we aim to visit another time.

Onto the tram again and down to Pier 39 which was considerably bigger than I expected it to be.

You can see Alcatraz from the end of the pier, but it s a miserable day at this point a picture was pointless.

Whilst we had a drink and some nibbles the sun came out so we got the bill, and I asked Mel if she'd started trying a new signature yet; she sweetly giggled that she hadn't even thought about it.

The 4 strawberries and 3 slices of cheese were $11 which shows what San Francisco can be like. When Mel asked for some balsamic vinegar to dip them in we half expected that to be on the bill too!

Pier 39 has a famous area where a Sea Lion colony reside, and I thought it would be funny to take this shot of the "Famous Seagull" and post it on theDIBB.

Some shopping next, including a left hander emporium that Ned Flanders would be proud of. Mel grabbed various bits and pieces of leftism and we both grabbed a SF hoody to say we've been here.

Back at the hotel we jumped into the car and headed to the park, as during yesterday's driving madness neither of us had really seen anything of it!

We stopped at the Japanese tea garden, as the trees looked wonderful from the outside. The $7 entrance fee was well worth the money as the garden is a beautiful maze of paths, stone steps and plants. There are whole collections of dwarf trees, a giant pagoda and a rather amusing bridge.


I was even brave enough to climb it today.
We got lost coming out of Golden Gate Park and ended up in Twin Peaks which wasn't a bad thing. David Lynch would have been proud of my shot of a garage sign. We shopped for supplies and for some reason the store detective followed us around, even when we doubled back so I could show him to Mel. We also got a scratch card and doubled our money. Happy Days!

I grabbed a burger and demolished it in the car before we'd even moved - which would surprise anyone who has seen me eat normally.

Mel got Thai food again, and we settled down in the room to watch a TV show a lot like Location Location Location where some American chaps were complaining about houses worth the same as ours but 5x the size, on a lake with their own dock and slip way.

We need to move here.


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