Sunday, 19 May 2013

Day 13: Las Vegas TV Stuff

Hotel: Vdara panoramic suite

Mel eventually dragged me out of the hotel room, where the view was glueing me to the seat of the desk.

Shopping on her mind we drove up to the North Outlets, parked where we shouldn't have unknowingly and hit the shops.

Suitably loaded up with bags, we get back in the car and head back down the strip.... find no queue at Pawn Stars. Yey!


We then headed to Ricks Restorations, where you are not allowed to take pictures behind the scenes. Yeah ok, no idea why. Rick and Tom the producer looked a bit bemused therefore, and the focus is shit as I had to take it real quick.

The boneyard.

Ron, Ricks brother, was a lot more accommodating however.

A few more dollars deposited into the bank of MGMMirage, and we made ourselves a nice salad for tea. Oranges, ham, salad leaves, lime and coriander made for yummy nom noms. Mel took her turn in the bath with a view, and to bed we went.. I'm sure going to miss this room.

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