Sunday, 29 September 2013

Florida 2013 - Day 6 - Grilling

California Grill with window seat and castle view.

Which is Ace. Like the cider

So we happy even if they are running 40 minutes late.

There is only one choice. The question just how mad you want to be. 

Pretty sane today, Mel was pleased to know.

Chopsticks can only mean one thing... 


Of the belly pork variety. None of that stinky undercooked fishy stuff.

Pork pate with mushroom crisp flatbread was Devine.

Here is the refit with all it's colours.


Strawberry and basil crumble, coke and vanilla float, cream and caramel with popcorn. 

I can honestly say I have no idea which is the best.

Coke in little miniature bottle too. Ahh.

After such abuse on the body, water is good. 

And for those like me that hate it, these neat little squeeze things are a godsend.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Florida 2013 - Day 5 - Story Parade

Disney's story parade was on the park just as we arrived, and we found some people sat down on the curb with nobody behind them. 

They did stand up half way, but seeing as they probably had camped the spot for 4 hours we certainly didn't complain.

I think it's always best to watch the parades from Frontier Land where they usually start. This means the poor old Cast Members haven't had the life and soul beaten out of them dancing in the Florida heat in wooly costumes. 

Today, even though cool, you could see it. Pluto looks like he's about to topple over here on Main Street.

Whenever I see Lilo frolicking about it always gives me a Stitch.

Quick, look normal, it's the boss.

No, think he's seen me? Better practice my lines...

"Ooo what a good idea boss."
"It was like that when I got here. I was about to report it."

Scrooge was sitting in his office the week before Christmas. He was counting his money, making sure he had made enough profit for the year.

Suddenly, he became aware of an irritating noise. 

Looking under his desk, he was surprised to see Jiminy Cricket. He crouched down, and said "Jiminy, What are you doing?"

"I'm singing you a Christmas carol," Jiminy replied, "but I've forgotten the words, so I'm just humming it instead." 

"That's not all," said Scrooge. "You're only playing the first bar, over and over again."
"Well," says Jiminy, "I guess that makes me a bar hum bug."

Everyone nose this guy.

I'm Grumpy because you're Dopey.

The beast, doing this only because his castle isn't finished. 

Sorry about the photos folks, such an overcast day it was difficult to get anything out of what I shot. But I did learn some new editing stuff on the iPad, and Photoshop Touch is worth the money if you don't want to lug a laptop on holiday.

Florida 2013 - Day 5

We firstly headed off to the Polynesian, thinking we could have some lunch there whilst looking out the window at the magic castle. Free parking too.

I looked around the bar and restaurant area, thinking I was losing my mind, and eventually asked a Cast Member where it was you could sit as such. find out it is actually out this window. Spot the problem.

So the poor old architect 40 years ago lined things up so a cracking view was available, but planted trees that now obscure the view. Oops.

Mel and her twin sister.

With lunch of Beef Satay, Almonds with Fruit and garden salad for me, we headed to the monorail station to find it broke. So much for that plan.

Contemplating the bus options, we decided to drive to the Grand Flroridian as neither of us had been there, to have a look about while (hopefully) they got the monorail up and running so we could continue to the Magic Kingdom.

Trapped in the very sterile Grand Floridian due to monorail breaking down.

Orange white wine sangria, beach bar GF. Actually the second drink the bartender made me, the first being a Mojito that tasted of coconut. She knocked it off the bill and we had that instead. 

Might keep my phone charged all day.

We had MNSSHP party tonight, but it decided to lash down with rain thunder and lightening and it just wasn't worth staying too long, so no pictures this time.

If you want to see full videos of the Hallowishes fireworks and the Boo To You parade, visit my youtube account at

Florida 2013 - Day 4

This is the last photo I got before falling sick for 36 hours. What a waste of time. 

At least the sofa is comfy in the villa!

Florida 2013 - Day 3

Yey suns out at last after 3 days of rain. 

Warm Florida rain isn't so bad though.

Perfect margarita.

Perfect sunset.

He's almost as big as me :-)

Florida 2013 - Day 2

OJ for breakfast.

Nom moms at House Hash a Gogo.

My tractors here.

Yep that will do both of us. Side order of gravy too.

Meal for one split in two. 

My oh my the portions in House Hash a Gogo are something else.

Florida 2031 - Day 1

So with heavy heart we stroked good bye to the cat and headed off to that place we all frequent. 

14 days, comprising of 9 days of Villa, an Animal Kingdom savannah view night, a Hard Rock Night to get early access to Harry Potter, and 3 days in the Hilton so we can hop over the street to the DTD bus station.

Normally when you get near the M25, which I swear is owned by NCP, it's a nightmare. 

Today, not so bad!

The sign has been pressed so many times in the lift, it's been worn out. 

People clearly don't see the buttons four times it's size to the left of it.

Premium Economy upgrade for £67 each and 12k air miles! 

Reeeeesult. I thought such things were tales told by drunken Virgin Atlnatic flyers of yesterday. 

But seriously, this is the first time we've scored it in over 7 years. 

Bulkhead seats too, for the cherry on the cake. Makes up for this morning business issues I really didn't need to be woken up for.

Toilets near. 

Both good, bad and sometimes amusing.

Just enough leg room for me :-)

It should be noted both Mel and I are posting on these trip reports 

Don't want anyone to think I have hairy legs.