Saturday, 28 September 2013

Florida 2031 - Day 1

So with heavy heart we stroked good bye to the cat and headed off to that place we all frequent. 

14 days, comprising of 9 days of Villa, an Animal Kingdom savannah view night, a Hard Rock Night to get early access to Harry Potter, and 3 days in the Hilton so we can hop over the street to the DTD bus station.

Normally when you get near the M25, which I swear is owned by NCP, it's a nightmare. 

Today, not so bad!

The sign has been pressed so many times in the lift, it's been worn out. 

People clearly don't see the buttons four times it's size to the left of it.

Premium Economy upgrade for £67 each and 12k air miles! 

Reeeeesult. I thought such things were tales told by drunken Virgin Atlnatic flyers of yesterday. 

But seriously, this is the first time we've scored it in over 7 years. 

Bulkhead seats too, for the cherry on the cake. Makes up for this morning business issues I really didn't need to be woken up for.

Toilets near. 

Both good, bad and sometimes amusing.

Just enough leg room for me :-)

It should be noted both Mel and I are posting on these trip reports 

Don't want anyone to think I have hairy legs. 

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