Sunday, 2 November 2014

Disney 2014. Day 7. Epcot Time.

Disney 2014. Day 7. Epcot Time.

Benny pondered his sandwich choices and on seeing the chicken mayo with pecans he snapped his head round so quick his helmet didn't keep up.

Whilst most would think it odd to buy food before the Food'n'Wine festival I consider them snacks and I hate fish and snails anyway.

Discovered this in the glove box. Hope we don't get fitted up with it.

I hope the huge ugly car park in downtown Disney gets a sprinkling of pixie dust before its finished.

Benny makes a friend on the friendship.

But then gets busted by security.

Mel gets a Brazilian.

Pork belly.

Look mum! It's me with an iPhone!

So somebody explain to me... The original Mickey Mouse watch he's facing left.

But all, and I mean all, watches on The Boardwslk he's facing right?

Meanwhile Benny grooves in Jellyrolls.

My new gizmo for taking selfies as the adverts stated is much better suited to taking night time pictures than my ugly mug.

Free popcorn. Yey.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Disney 2014. Day 6. Ok Ok. I'll Go Shopping.

Ok Ok. I'll Go Shopping.

For me of course.

Benny and I sit by the pool and plan his new house.

Benny plays Mel at snap.

Benny does not like the look of the sky.

I recommend FireHouse Subs at The Crossroads. I had a Mums Chicken Mayo which is reasonably heathy at 500kc.

Getting Downtown Disney is hell right now due to all the building work. Anyone coming in the next few months should bear this in mind and don't come in from the 535 side.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Disney 2014. Day 3. I'm Unfit.

Disney 2014. Day 3. I'm Unfit.

Woke up in the Hard Rock Hotel with aching legs. According to Mels gizmo we did 12000 steps yesterday.

Off to Walmart for breakfast supplies.

It is actually called the Orlando Eye.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Disney 2014. Day 2. Halloween Horror 'Rest In Peace' Tour.

Disney 2014. Day 2. Halloween Horror 'Rest In Peace' Tour.

Having started off the day doing some money laundering, we considered how lucky we were with our change of plans yesterday.

Not only did we get all our universal tickets refunded and credited against the RIP tour also moved our reservation at the Hard Rock Hotel for the same price, which was about £50.

So that's where we are heading!

Benny considered his lunch choice carefully.

Benny likes noodles in a box. It reminds him of the Lost Boys.

Backstage at Men In Black.

Benny considered the No Photography rule more advice than rules. Sitting next to a tour guide helps.

Eye candy for all.

The RIP tour is well worth the money as you walk directly into every house. The chap I spoke to in the line said he queued for an hour.

And back to the hotel. To find we have a one hour wait for room service. Grr.

The Legendary burger has Bennys attention.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Disney 2014. Day 1. Villa.

Villa and Benncy

The villa is nice. Broadband is broken but the management company was right on the case.

Paid Vodafone £5 for access to 4G today to get by.

Benny gets right into the sunshine.

He spied on Mel in the pool.

He's already nerded out at the local Radio Shack.

Hydration is important when you have a heavy space suit.

Not his usual understanding of a screwdriver.

Benny ensures he gets his 5 a day. He loves the fruit out here.

Benny very much approves of the sign on the villa microwave.


Ah. How I missed these.

Benny was impressed with the snacks his mum found.

As Sherlock said when he tipped curd down Watson's back, lemonentry my good Doctor.

We booked a night at the Hard Rock hotel for the Halloween horror night but the RIP tour which guarantees you straight into all the haunted houses was full, we figured we could easily upgrade our fast passes but no...

But all was good in the end. We got the RIP tour for tomorrow. They refunded all our tickets and reissued for just $50 which is a no queue steal and deal. also were happy to move our reservation too.

So steak in the villa, a laugh at Ian Ushers picture and a film. Result.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Disney 2014. Day 0. Off To The Airport.

Disney 2014. Day 0. Off To The Airport.

I got Mel a milky bar ghost.

It lasted a few seconds.

The Gatwick signs are better laid out now. Those who have watched the show on the history channel probably str not surprised.

I thought Benny might like to join us this trip. He's already getting into the swig of things.

Benny was impressed with the easily accessible power sockets in the tables in the Aspire airport lounge.

The bacon rolls he found a tad intimidating though.

The usual merriments were available. Especially the croissants and clotted cream. Nom nom.

Typical. I don't think I've had a flight on time ever.