Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Disney 2014. Day 1. Villa.

Villa and Benncy

The villa is nice. Broadband is broken but the management company was right on the case.

Paid Vodafone £5 for access to 4G today to get by.

Benny gets right into the sunshine.

He spied on Mel in the pool.

He's already nerded out at the local Radio Shack.

Hydration is important when you have a heavy space suit.

Not his usual understanding of a screwdriver.

Benny ensures he gets his 5 a day. He loves the fruit out here.

Benny very much approves of the sign on the villa microwave.


Ah. How I missed these.

Benny was impressed with the snacks his mum found.

As Sherlock said when he tipped curd down Watson's back, lemonentry my good Doctor.

We booked a night at the Hard Rock hotel for the Halloween horror night but the RIP tour which guarantees you straight into all the haunted houses was full, we figured we could easily upgrade our fast passes but no...

But all was good in the end. We got the RIP tour for tomorrow. They refunded all our tickets and reissued for just $50 which is a no queue steal and deal. Hotel.com also were happy to move our reservation too.

So steak in the villa, a laugh at Ian Ushers picture and a film. Result.

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