Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Disney 2014. Day 2. Halloween Horror 'Rest In Peace' Tour.

Disney 2014. Day 2. Halloween Horror 'Rest In Peace' Tour.

Having started off the day doing some money laundering, we considered how lucky we were with our change of plans yesterday.

Not only did we get all our universal tickets refunded and credited against the RIP tour also moved our reservation at the Hard Rock Hotel for the same price, which was about £50.

So that's where we are heading!

Benny considered his lunch choice carefully.

Benny likes noodles in a box. It reminds him of the Lost Boys.

Backstage at Men In Black.

Benny considered the No Photography rule more advice than rules. Sitting next to a tour guide helps.

Eye candy for all.

The RIP tour is well worth the money as you walk directly into every house. The chap I spoke to in the line said he queued for an hour.

And back to the hotel. To find we have a one hour wait for room service. Grr.

The Legendary burger has Bennys attention.

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