Sunday, 2 November 2014

Disney 2014. Day 7. Epcot Time.

Disney 2014. Day 7. Epcot Time.

Benny pondered his sandwich choices and on seeing the chicken mayo with pecans he snapped his head round so quick his helmet didn't keep up.

Whilst most would think it odd to buy food before the Food'n'Wine festival I consider them snacks and I hate fish and snails anyway.

Discovered this in the glove box. Hope we don't get fitted up with it.

I hope the huge ugly car park in downtown Disney gets a sprinkling of pixie dust before its finished.

Benny makes a friend on the friendship.

But then gets busted by security.

Mel gets a Brazilian.

Pork belly.

Look mum! It's me with an iPhone!

So somebody explain to me... The original Mickey Mouse watch he's facing left.

But all, and I mean all, watches on The Boardwslk he's facing right?

Meanwhile Benny grooves in Jellyrolls.

My new gizmo for taking selfies as the adverts stated is much better suited to taking night time pictures than my ugly mug.

Free popcorn. Yey.

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