Thursday, 15 January 2015

Disney 2014. Day 8. Downtown Orlando Shopping.

Disney 2014. Day 8. Downtown Orlando Shopping.

I've never actually been to Downtown Orlando and the approach reminds me of heading into Chicago or such with a big cluster of skyscrapers on the horizon.

Some fantastic architecture to be seen. This coliseum looking temple is next to the Troy university which I found amusing.

At Barnes and Noble Benny stood tall on the shoulders of giants.

We spent nearly $300.

Local healthy food outlet. A rarity in the USA.

Benny has an outtake moment.

Benny's at Denny's.

Although he's in a bit of a jam now waiting for his coffee.

Bought a brick or two. It only took a nano to spend $200.

Bought a cool golf book.

I got a pearl.

It's like Vegas. You roll dice and may get a good return.

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