Saturday, 28 September 2013

Florida 2013 - Day 5

We firstly headed off to the Polynesian, thinking we could have some lunch there whilst looking out the window at the magic castle. Free parking too.

I looked around the bar and restaurant area, thinking I was losing my mind, and eventually asked a Cast Member where it was you could sit as such. find out it is actually out this window. Spot the problem.

So the poor old architect 40 years ago lined things up so a cracking view was available, but planted trees that now obscure the view. Oops.

Mel and her twin sister.

With lunch of Beef Satay, Almonds with Fruit and garden salad for me, we headed to the monorail station to find it broke. So much for that plan.

Contemplating the bus options, we decided to drive to the Grand Flroridian as neither of us had been there, to have a look about while (hopefully) they got the monorail up and running so we could continue to the Magic Kingdom.

Trapped in the very sterile Grand Floridian due to monorail breaking down.

Orange white wine sangria, beach bar GF. Actually the second drink the bartender made me, the first being a Mojito that tasted of coconut. She knocked it off the bill and we had that instead. 

Might keep my phone charged all day.

We had MNSSHP party tonight, but it decided to lash down with rain thunder and lightening and it just wasn't worth staying too long, so no pictures this time.

If you want to see full videos of the Hallowishes fireworks and the Boo To You parade, visit my youtube account at

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