Monday, 6 May 2013

DAY 2: Santa Barbara to Pismo Beach

DAY 2: Santa Barbara to Pismo Beach - 78 Miles (1 Hour 20 Mins)

Hotel: Seaventure - £266 (Ocean view suite with hot tub.)

Up and out by 9 this mornings having had that odd nights sleep you get when you throw your body out of sync by 8 hours. The bed, pillows and air condition were all fine if a bit loud, but for the money and location it is a good stop off if you are doing Highway One.


We saw more of the aftermath of the bush fires as we drove north towards Pismo beach today, with huge sections of the central reservation burnt to a crisp. At other times on the journey the were vines for miles and as far as the eye could see. Then fields of vegetables growing seemingly to the horizon, it's getting hotter as we head north so I guess that's why they do this - and as its in the middle of nowhere I guess the land was cheap!

We missed a turning and ended up in Santa Maria where Mel is now buying bits from Dominos pizza. Tsk. All this way to do that. I ended up buying the mini crispy burritos from 7-11 which are cheap and cheerful, and we are sat eating them looking out over the ocean at Pismo Beach, which seems to be quite popular.

So my next mission for the day was to ask an important question.

We drove up the beach road and came across a big art fair, and stopped for a look. This was shell beach, which is odd as I couldn't see a beach only a small cliff and a view of the whole of Pismo down the coast to eventually the Pismo Beach.

Sitting on a bench in a small circle area on the point, I waited for Mel to fInish off her slushie whilst I fetched a necklace and the camera from the car.

Then I asked her to marry me and she accepted. What a wonderful thing.



Some calls to parents later, who in fact knew I was doing it here as I of course had to ask her father for permission, then it was back to the jacuzzi on our private balcony, some champagne and room service to round off a very special day in our lives.


Asleep by 8pm. Stupid jet lag.


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