Sunday, 19 May 2013

Day 14: The Rio, Las Vegas

I was sad to leave the Vdara as it was such a cracking room.

We headed to the Miracle Mile shops and valet parked for a meal at PF Changs, a rather splendid Chinese restaurant in the Planet Hollywood casino.

We got some rather hot wontons, soup, rice and orange peel chicken.

To say I had a hangover would be an understatement. Mel said I could have a blowout in Vegas and yesterday was indeed it. Judging by the size of the glass in my bag at least one drink was a big one.

I wore my Special Move T Shirt today, and it got 15 comments or so. Practically every server in PF Changs came to see it once word got round the kitchen, and the Valet dude in The Rio was really funny shouting to his girlfriend "Honey, honey, check this shit out..."

At Fat Tuesdays someone even asked for a picture!

Not a lot else to say outside of eating, drinking and gambling except the damn Show in the Sky has stopped and Penn and Teller are on holiday.

That's twice now. Grr. But the view isn't bad here.

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