Saturday, 22 March 2014

An Erie Trip - Day 7 - Onto Cleveland

We left Niagara and headed down i90 for over 200 miles into Cleveland, stopping off at the actual town of Erie on the way.

At 7p a text I'll wait for wifi, thanks.

It was nice to tick off a few more states as we went.

The very over staffed visitor Centre was amusing.

Staff outnumbered visitors three to one.

Forgot I'm on holiday, not working.

Lake Erie is still frozen on the USA side. I had to run over someone's garden for this shot as we searched 20 minutes for a public shoreline before I said "screw it, I'll apologise with my nice UK accent if anyone comes out."

Another AirBNB apartment, chock full of vintage curiosities.

The house is two bedrooms, with a big lounge, study, dining area, kitchen and bathroom.

Nice comfy bed, and all very clean and fresh.

New York likes to charge you for driving down the roads.

So time to relax with a stack of 33s :-)

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