Tuesday, 18 March 2014

An Erie Trip - Day 2

Today started off with another of the Man Vs Food restaurants, this one called The Lucky Sandwich which has three locations around the Chicago area.

First thing I clocked in this quaint Irish bar/restaurant was this old Atari cocktail arcade game. Fantastic.

The walls were covered in old and new Irish memorabilia and photos. The waitress was attentive and fantastically pleasant.

Mind you, at 11am on a Sunday it was unsurprising we were the only customers.

The sandwiches are huge.

As well as your choice of meats, or of course all of them together as this is the USA after all, they put fries and coleslaw into the sandwich as well.

None of that rubbish on-the-side we get in the UK.

They also had a very nice 7% cider that was so tasty even Mel liked it.

Needless to say food won and we both headed out into the very cold Chicago air and headed to our next stop.

Via Walmart of course, for supplies.

Some odd liqueurs for sale in Walgreens, too.

Rosemary and olive vodka anyone? No? Nor me.

With snow like this about, we were glad for a 4x4 Ford Escape. Complete with a fantastic array or ports to charge devices on, heated seats and plenty of room for Mels shopping it was well worth the upgrade.

The journey from Chicago only too about 3 hours including some stops, and was very straightforward.

We arrive in Kalamazoo just after 6 to a very warm welcome.

As a change, and a very cheap way of exploring multiple locations, we have tried the airbnb.com service for some of our accommodation this trip.

For £34 for the night we have a comfy room, our own bathroom and a cooked breakfast of "whatever we wanted" which they went out and bought. Unbelievable.

We went out for dinner and they just leave the door open, it's that nice a neighbourhood.

Whilst in Florida we would always book a Dibbers villa with a couple of nights at Disney/universal hotels, this service is amazing. You just get welcomed into their houses or stay in the entire house, depending on what you fancy or want to pay.


A very unique whole-house stay coming later in this trip report.

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