Thursday, 20 March 2014

An Erie Trip - Day 4 - BBQ On The Beach

We visited the most southerly part of Canada today on the shores of Lake Erie.

(Why did I find myself singing Wide Open Space in my head)

 It's mostly frozen over, with snow everywhere.

Sometimes stacked quite high.

But we are British dammit so a little snow and temperatures of -8 won't hold us back.

So with the label still on the freshly bought tongs we fire up the BBQ.

... and set about cooking some steak.

Served up in yummy cinnamon bagels.

In the evening we were invited for wine and cheese with our AirBNB hosts in their extremely nice house.

Planning on just popping in for a short while, we ended up talking about all sorts for four hours. Again, I am really sold on the concept of meeting all these people.

A late night burger run, some more crafting of rubber band bracelets and bed.

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