Friday, 21 March 2014

An Erie Trip - Day 5 - Falling Out

I'm sure you guessed from the title, but our next stop if you didn't is Niagara Falls.

We we're graciously allowed to leave our bungalow whenever we wanted, so we had a lay in and cooked eggs and toasted bread that they had left for us.

I made more rubber band bracelets on the 4 hour journey, and after a couple of stops for food and watering we got to the hotel.

As we had saved so much money using AirBNB we treated ourselves to a suite at the Doubletree Hilton on Falls Drive, which has a view of them.

Have to say the falls were not what I expected but exciting and interesting all the same.

The suite is massive, with several rooms, TVs and two huge beds.

I recommend it.

Not much else to say today as it was mostly driving.

Found various cool sweets at a service station though. These and some Tabasco flavour Jelly Belly beans, and some hickory smoked pretzel pieces.


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