Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Florida 2013 - Day 8 - Discovery Cove

Boy meets Girl and they seem to hit it off, rushing in for a hug and kiss.

She comes towards me, looking all cute and full of power. 

Her name was Dixie, she is 40 like me and comes from Texas. 

Which is odd, as all my ex's live in Texas, hence my preference for Tennessee.

Knowing what I could be letting myself in for, having met her son Dexter first and hung out with him in 2010, I gazed into her sonar receiver...

...and finally we kiss.

Funny thing was she was last seen towing this girl out to sea. 

No idea why, officer, and no - my swimming pool is freshwater, honest.

But we all live happily ever after, once I found Dixie had dropped Mel off at Seaworld.

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