Sunday, 6 October 2013

Florida 2013 - Day 12 - Pottering About

One of the main reasons we headed to Florida for this holiday was the Harry Potter area in Universal Islands of adventure, which we hadn't seen.

Both friends and family have seen it, and chiefly the main ride, but respected my wishes to Know Nothing so it was a surprise to me when I saw it. 

I'll do you the same favour. It's something new and different. And wonderful.

As a queue busting thing I got into making these rubber band bracelets. 

Got the crowd involved too. :-D

This is my most complex one to date. Really needs two people to construct or tools as shown. 

Loving it. Gulp.

Nicely themed. I headed onto the old duelling dragons at first, and nipped through the child swap to do the second beam. 

Wouldn't have done it if there was queues but there wasn't.

Choo chooo.

A few pics in city walk on the way out.

Bubba Gumps to pick up our souvenir glasses.

Final pic of the day. Earl of sandwich. 

Where they have a great collection of books.

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