Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Florida 2013 - Day 7

So breakfast time!

A friend recommended an Arby's beef sandwich with gravy a long while back and finally got around to trying it. 

And the sliderssp with crisp onions

And the turkey and bacon roll...

And blimey I'm full. 

All for an amazing $13 including large soda and curly fries. I'd go again. And again.

Outback for yea tonight. More beef !

Prime rib, shaved, aged cheddar and a beef dripping sauce. With a side order of a statin shaker for the heart.

The signature Onion Bloomer. 

Apparently they soak them in ice water overnight to make them open up like this. 

The Spanish onions they use are much bigger than I've seen in the UK.

Oh and the bread. 

Looks burnt, but no honey. It's honey.

Black cherry peach mojito I ended up getting as Mel insisted on trying it. Waiter, who was really chatty and cool said. "I like it as the bar tenders hate making it."

And a Sangria stack. This was a nom festival of epic proportions.

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