Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Florida 2013 - Day 9 - T-Rex

Well worth being a Landry club member, when the end of the queue was building things in the Lego store next door. 

Seated in 3 minutes.

However nicely themed, if you want a quiet meal you want another restaurant in a galaxy far far away.

Apparently the toilets are through the ice cave. Which is currently purple but could also be blue any moment. 

As I said, nicely themed.


Mel grabbed a drink that tastes of bubblegum.

Half the Jurassic age for Mel.

Half a chicken and salad for me. 

Country gravy yet to arrive, but I'm sure that's low fat too :-/

This geode is about 1m tall, and there are two of them. 


This one is a Citron geode, which I've never seen before. Again, very large and set into the inner walls of the "Ice Cave"

They tell you to explore and take pictures but you can't help but feel bad clambering round diners to get clean shots. 

I did it in stages, watching for empty tables waiting to be cleaned.

Like the Rainforest Cafe, the Landry designers appeal to the kids and adult photographers/design geeks by doing an event every twenty minutes or so. 

This one appears to be the extinction of the Dinosaurs, with hell and damnation raining fiery terror down. 

Ice cave flickers red at this time with each thunderous crash of a meteor. 


I know someone who'd like one of these, but not sure if they have catnip stuffing.

As an afterthought, I'm not sure who dusts this lot - or if they just turn the fire sprinklers on.

So bottom line:
Landry club joining bonus: $25
Birthday Bonus: $25 (Same month to qualify)

So 2 meals and 3 cocktails with signature glasses: $31 

Recommended. But bring ear plugs.

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